Process of simplifying job gets quite hard when market does not offer products
which would satisfy your wishes. Necessity is the mother of invention. That is how
AUTOLift3000 was created. 

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Home garage car lift

AUTOLift3000 fits to any garage. Car enthusiasts love our product, because their work gets faster and easier while using it. This portable car lift is light, doesn't occupy much space and it fits to most of the passenger cars on the market.

Very easy to tilt the vehicle

Our mobile mechanical vehicle lifter offers you the possibility to rock a vehicle about it’s center of gravity. The unique design makes tilting effortless, using the force of just one hand.

tilting car lift

portable car lift

Light & Easy handling

The device is portable, easy to carry and weighs only 99 lbs (45 kg). With the set of hangers purchased to it you could have it hanged on the wall when not needed.  

Practical usage of AUTOLift3000

Service and maintenance

effective, easy and comfortable

Painting and body repair

thanks to its tilting function it is easy to reach less accessible locations

Marketing activities

showing cars at various trade fairs

Car dealers

convenient car lift for better vehicle condition check/ car lift for more convenient vehicle's condition check up

More comfortable manual car washing

lift is water resistant

Assembly of towing devices and exhaust systems

standard mounting gets 50% less time consuming

Technical parameters
Lift Capacity 6614 lbs / 3000 kg
Dimensions 1635 x 1300 x 115 mm
64.5 x 51.25 x 4.50 inch
Weight 45 kg / 99 lbs
Height capacity 60 cm / 23,50 inch
Lift speed 25 - 30 s
Platform width 1300 mm - 1650 mm



Operated by a drill

This device does not contain any wiring or hydraulics.
Operated by an electric hand drill or powerful cordless drill.















Material quality & maximal safety

High class quality

Objectively observing the quality level of this product we can proudly say it is a TOP CLASS.  Less than 1 % claims on 15 000 products sold are the stats which talk themselves. Made of the solid, carefully chosen material and cautiously manufactured. AUTOLift3000 is so durable that it gets applicable for 2 generation usage.

quality material


Rails for uneven surface

Incredibly valuable accessories. Stones, sand, grass or any other inconvenient surface under the car? Might also be a fine floor where no scratches are welcome? No problem. Just install rails for uneven surface and you are ready to go in seconds. 

car lift for paint shops


Security tubes

For your absolute safety we added security tubes and pins to the side of each AUTOLIft3000.  

security car lift



Car stand

It serves as a security set under chosen side of the vehicle. In order to get the car in horizontal locked  position usage of two car stands is needed.

car stand




Water resistance

This system is water resistant since it doesn't contain any wiring nor hydraulics. Therefore AUTOLift3000 could definitely find place in hand car wash facilities. 

car lift for washing